Wendi Strickland is a second generation artist who has dedicated her career to her three passions: yoga, art & children. Connecting her strong beliefs in good health, education and self-expression, Wendi enjoys assisting children in their process of self-discovery. Working as a yoga teacher at American Heritage School for 5 years equipped Wendi with the patience and skills to go on to teach yoga to children with Asperger’s and other special and sensory needs at Loggers’ Run Middle School, where she spent 2 years. Currently at Pilates of Boca and Green Art Studio, Wendi delights in training children in both yoga and meditation.

“Changing the children of the world is shaping the future,” Wendi believes. “We need to nurture our children more and validate & empower them.” Wendi achieves this through yoga, the practice of which, she feels, gives them a lifetime of healing benefits, self-expression and peace. Yoga & meditation soothe the mind, help children realize their self-worth, teach them to stick up for themselves and decrease anxiety. Yoga & meditation also teach children to be still within themselves, how to love themselves and how to be a friend to themselves.

Wendi lives in Boca Raton with her husband David, where they raised their three successful children Brittani, Riley, and Savanna. Wendi looks forward to meeting you and your children at Green Art Studio.