Our convenient After School Program includes transportation from school to Green Art Studio. Our signature passenger vans offer a safe and comfortable ride back to our studio where we make homework and learning fun! Our after school program provides a complete curriculum from homework help in small groups to one-on-one personalized attention. Rest assured that your child will complete all assigned homework, ensuring increased stress-free quality time with your family at night.

The idea of tutoring can conjure up images of dull tutors pushing children through repetitive learning exercises. Here at Green Art Studio, tutoring is fun! Your child will love coming to Green Art Studio for homework help. Our teachers work with children to make sure that they truly understand the material that they are learning. By using engaging teaching techniques, we can help your child become excited about his or her schoolwork. Our one on one tutoring style is interactive and personal, allowing your child to develop confidence while learning.

Hiring a tutor in Boca Raton can be frustrating, but not when you rely on Green Art Studio for homework help! Our after school services include school pickup and transportation to our learning center. After homework help all children can also participate in our after school programs where they can enjoy artistic activities and other fun things with their friends.

At Green Art Studio, we offer homework help in the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Language

Our teachers help break down key concepts for children so that they can comprehend the subject matter and feel confident in their learning abilities. We try to take the confusion out of subjects like math, reading comprehension, and language. Learning the fundamentals allows children to build a strong foundation for future learning. Not every child has the same learning strengths and weaknesses, which is why our homework help is individualized. This allows us to focus on the specific needs of each child. With the help of a teacher who really understands your child, your son or daughter will begin to see results in school. You will also see results in other areas of your child’s life. As their academic confidence and happiness grows, so will their confidence and joy in other aspects.

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