The Studio
The best kept secret in Boca Raton, Green Art Studio is located central to most Boca area Elementary Schools.

Everything You Need To Know:

When children create art, they enter a world of wonder, self-expression, and communication. At Green Art Studio, our passion is to help children develop their creativity and make lasting friendships through engaging classes and activities. We offer art classes, dance classes, music classes, and many more for children, encouraging their creativity and self-expression in an exciting way while developing their communication, problem-solving, social, emotional, and fine motor skills. Children can get in touch with their creativity through various artistic mediums including paint, sculpture, collage, charcoal, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, pottery, and crafts. We provide the paint, glitter, sponges, beads, and other messy stuff to inspire children to create impressive works of art.

At Green Art Studio, we aim to keep your children engaged and entertained. Your child will be absorbed in creative and educational activities from the moment they arrive until the time you pick them up at the end of their class.

Green Art Studio is a family business run by Mrs. Diana, a certified teacher with credentials in special education and an extensive background in art. Trilingual in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Mrs. Diana loves working with and caring for children.


We encourage learning & exploration. After all, every invention on earth is here because of someone’s curiosity! Let your children discover themselves and grow!


We offer a safe and caring environment for children while they utilize art as a way of self-expression.


Rest assured your children are in great hands. All of our staff members are highly trained professionals.


Kids are educated through art. They will learn critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, and be able to solve problems that they can apply to their future. Art is a great way to expand their knowledge and express themselves.


Our teachers & staff each have areas of specialty to share with your children. Trained educators and artists, we know how to keep your children engaged both academically and through enriching activities.


Our family ­owned and operated Art Studio welcomes your family as our own. Our happy, comfortable, and creative environment makes Green Art the perfect choice!

Meet Our Staff

All of our teachers share one common purpose: To cultivate the best in your child! Every child
has potential, and it is our job to help develop it! Each teacher brings their own unique gift and
talents in a specialized area of art and learning to help your child flourish and blossom!

Adriana Egocheaga
Office Manager
Adriana Egocheaga
Diana Egocheaga
Teacher & Founder
Diana Egocheaga
Lilitte Knox
Dance Teacher
Lilitte Knox