Ana Osoria’s background is full of vibrant culture and art.  Originally from Barranquilla, Columbia, Ana has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, the United States and Puerto Rico.  As a student in Columbia, Ana went to university to study Textile Designing.  She studied drawing, pastel & acrylic technique, designing, sewing, painting and photography.  Upon graduation, she came to the US to study English.  Living in Atlanta, GA, Ana worked in modeling with John Casablanca and was featured in some local TV commercials.

Part of a Colombian Folkloric Dance group, Ana enjoyed dancing in shows for the love of the art of dance.  Her dance group traveled to Universities all over the US.  A member of the Spanish Theater group, Ana was also featured in many plays.

An avid Girl Scout leader in both Puerto Rico and the US, Ana believes in supporting the community with her talents and abilities.  Ana has worked within the corporate world as well and has many years of experience in administrative duties.  It is this experience, combined with her love of theater, dance, fabric and art that allows her to create theater and enrichment programs for your children with dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm for the arts.  Ana will be heading up the Theater Club this fall at Green Art Studio.