Green Art Studio offers a variety of classes from water color, zumba, drawing, and many other classes. Our tutoring class provides a complete curriculum from homework help in small groups to one-on-one personalized attention. Our teachers help break down key concepts for children so that they can comprehend the subject matter and feel confident in their learning abilities. We try to take the confusion out of subjects like math, reading comprehension, and language. Rest assured that your child will complete all assigned homework, ensuring increased stress-free quality time with your family at night.

At Green Art Studio, we offer the following instructional classes:

  • Spanish: Monday-Thursday @3pm-4pm
  • Creative Dance: Monday-Thursday @3pm-4pm
  • Drawing: Tuesday/Thursday @3:30pm-4:30pm/4:30pm-5:30pm
  • Canvas/Acrylic: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday @4pm-5pm
  • Zumba: Friday @3pm-4pm/4pm-5pm
  • Recycle Art: Monday @3pm-4pm
  • Dance: Monday @4pm-5pm
  • Tutoring: Monday-Thursday @3pm-4pm
  • Acrylic: Monday-Thursday @4pm-5pm / Friday @3pm-4pm
  • Water Color: Monday & Wednesday @4pm-5pm/5pm-6pm
  • Knitting: Monday & Thursday @4pm-5pm/5pm-6pm
  • Drawing: Tuesday & Thursday @4pm-5pm/5pm-6pm
  • Color Pencil Drawing: Wednesday/Friday @4pm-5pm/5pm-6pm
  • Oil Pastels: Tuesday & Friday @5pm-6pm
  • FSA tutor 3rd grade: Wednesdays @5pm-6pm
  • FSA tutor 4th grade: Mondays @5pm-6pm
  • FSA tutor 5th grade: Fridays @5pm-6pm

Please see our Dance and Music pages for information on these additional classes that are offered at our studio.

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