Green Art Studio offers a variety of classes from water color, zumba, drawing, and many other classes.

At Green Art Studio, we offer the following instructional classes:

  • Creative Dance: Monday-Thursday @3pm-4pm
  • Drawing: Tuesday/Thursday @3:30pm-4:30pm/4:30pm-5:30pm
  • Canvas/Acrylic: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday @4pm-5pm
  • Zumba: Friday @3pm-4pm/4pm-5pm
  • Recycle Art: Monday @3pm-4pm
  • Dance: Monday @4pm-5pm
  • Acrylic: Monday-Thursday @4pm-5pm / Friday @3pm-4pm
  • Water Color: Monday & Wednesday @4pm-5pm/5pm-6pm
  • Drawing: Tuesday & Thursday @4pm-5pm/5pm-6pm
  • Color Pencil Drawing: Wednesday/Friday @4pm-5pm/5pm-6pm
  • Oil Pastels: Tuesday & Friday @5pm-6pm

Please see our Dance and Music pages for information on these additional classes that are offered at our studio.

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